Born, nearly half a century ago, as a tavern and meeting place for lovers of hunting, in the eighties “Al Cacciatore” evolved into a trattoria, fully retaining the characteristic genuinity of a local family- run restaurant.

“Al Cacciatore” offers all the game cooked in the simpliest still genuine way: wild boar, roe-deer, hares, pheasants are usually stewed and the gravy is used to top homemade pappardelle pasta and gnocchi (dumplings).

You will also find typical courses of Friuli: from beans soup and different soups, to frico (a mould of potatoes,
cheese and onion pan fried) done in various ways, brovada and musetto (turnips and pork meat minced with spices), tripe, roasted piglet and then baccalà (stockfish), cuttle-fishes, cais (snails) with polenta and more.

The wine list offers mostly local red and white wine from Eastern Hills.
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Casali Paludo Sinistra 9 - 33056 Palazzolo dello Stella (Ud)